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I signed up for real self a few months ago while researching a surgeon for a rhinoplasty. I ended up going through with it and am loving by results, so I made a review for my doctor with regular weekly updates.

Lots of people seemed to appreciate the review, information, and pictures and I felt well supported by the other community members. I 'd also sometimes interact with other members in the forum discussions and in their review comments. About 2 weeks into using the site, I started to get weird emails that a comment I made was removed due to violating the Terms of Service with a link to those (very vague) terms. However, it never specified which comment and how it was in violation.

I conduct myself in a pretty civil manner online and in person. I certainly did not get into any spats or make any comments that a reasonable person would find to be bullying or objectionable. I finally found one comment they deleted and it was me agreeing with another person that it was weird that a certain doctor never had pictures attached to his "bad" reviews. The comment was not about any particular reviewer, just a general question about why a person would not share a picture if the surgeon truly "ruined their face.".

I responded to that person's comment by saying "I agree. There are so many ways to remain anonymous and share a picture like covering the eyes or cropping it." THAT comment is what got deleted. Then a few weeks later another comment where I shared a news article about a particular doctor was deleted. It was nothing controversial or graphic.

It was a news write up about a patient who had left a Real Self review (?). So anyway, they eventually banned me for some other unidentified violating comment. I can't see what because I can no longer log in. If I had to guess, I would say that it is because I agree with several reviewers that a person who hated her outcome actually looked pretty good in our opinion.

I saw a few times that they do NOT like for you to say anything that disagrees with the original poster. If they say the look horrible. You must agree and sympathize. So I *think* that was the 3rd and final "violation." Who knows and at this point, I don't care.

The moderators have very strange standards for how people are allowed to communicate. Apparently, the rules are to be positive (always), never question anything, and never share a link to any site other than real self. I am perfectly fine with being suspended as I now think the platform is run by complete weirdos. What I am NOT fine with is that my review and pictures are still visible.

If they've deemed me unfit to communicate on the platform, then I don't think they have any right to continue to share the content I provided. I am perfectly happy leaving a review for my surgeon someone else as he certainly deserves the praise. I emailed them to ask that they remove my review, pictures, and all comments from me.

No response after several days. It is very sketchy that they want to have access to our stories but don't want us to be able to communicate with each other freely.

Product or Service Mentioned: Realself Review Listing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I want all of my contributions deleted asap. Username: Htownpsych88.

Realself Pros: I liked that the community users were genuinely nice people.

Realself Cons: Moderators are bizarre.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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Completely agree with what you’ve written here. The way they run their website is bizarre.

They have no right to keep material that belongs to you and block you from accessing it. Absolutely disgusting

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