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I posted a review contrary to one of the products mentioned on realself.com and they blocked and took down my account. I guess I insulted one of their paid brands.

Which is a total scam because it is under the forum section where they say the rules are just to share your experience. Absolutely ridiculous. Will report them all over the internet.

Soemoene said on the forum that they liked a brand and I said i didint....

Literally that is the only thing I said and then I found out they removed me.

Reminds me of soviet russia. Shocked to find a forum is a gateway to support sponsors.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Realself Cons: Scam.

Location: Island Park, New York

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I think we should all continue to voice our opinions about this unethical website.

If you want to see for yourself if what everyone is saying is true about realself.com make an account and post something in response to a concern or question that is medically INACCURATE. "Someone" will immediately come in and correct your "inaccurate" response.

Or you can post how SCARED you are about your surgery and within MINUTES someone will tell you "aw, honey, it will be ok, I felt the same way".

No one EVER says "I wish I didn't do it!"

IF THERE IS A *** THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THIS SITE ARE GOING TO BE IN IT. (No judgment OF COURSE...but considering that they are RUINING PEOPLE'S LIVES by only allowing positive comments that is MY opinion and on here I can voice my opinion.)

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