Real self is a good site to warn peopel about Bad plastic surgeons! And they show photos of the bad cosmetic work carried out by NHS and private surgeons in the Uk. It warns others about them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Realself Website.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Location: Huyton Quarry, England

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They don't warn people about bad doctors because most of the time when you enter a less than perfect review it gets taken down.

What should really happen is that we should stop blindly following other girls that say they're having great surgical results when they're less than 1 year post-op.

The initial euphoria that comes with plastic surgery is normally not the lasting result.

When the swelling goes down, many are disappointed. Show a little restraint & know that that results from about 10 days to 2 months might look fabulous, when in reality they are NOT!




Real Self bans you from the group when you tell the truth about the serious health risks of silicone beeast implants. I am in the huge Dow Corning breast implant settlement, and none of you will have any legal recourse when you get sick (and maybe die) from implants, because you signed a consent form. Open your eyes people--they were taken off the market from 1992-****, FOR A REASON!!!


You are telling the truth it happened to me lucky for me I didn’t die

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