I don't understand. I know a woman who left a negative review about terrible complications she had after a liplift with Randal Haworth, MD.

She posted her before and after photos and they were awful.

Within 2 days the review was removed. Why would realself do this?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Six Mile, South Carolina

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it got deleted bc realself is a censored company only promoting doctors and giving them a top doctor status without ever leaving seattle ?? wtf ??


because ad revenue from the doctor is worth more to them that their actual users.


My guess is that Dr. Randal Haworth paid RealSelf to remove the review and photos.

That's how it works. Everyone knows it. Have you ever wondered why some of the surgeons have 300+ positive reviews and only a few negative ones?

Put two and two together, hun. It's a very unethical website.

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