This is very true of all the negative stuff written about Realself.com. It is a place for doctors to market themselves. I been investigating realself.com since I read what other people are saying that they delete reviews. They may let some stay, but it will eventually be deleted, so there will not be too many negative reviews to scare of potiental customers for their doctors on that site. I believe some of the reviews are put there by the doctors themselves to promote their business It is a shame that too many doctors without the proper skill and fellowship/residency training (requires 7 or more years for plastic surgeons and none for regular doctors that are eye doctors, skin doctors, dentists to do.).

Some of these doctor are just very greedy . Many don't have the skills and the law allow them to do it and it is hard to take them to court. People just not aware of these things. It is not that easy. Also, this is the reason why doctors never give you the consent form to take home to review. They make you sign it on surgery day, so you rush through and sign. Many of the consent form are worded in legal jardons that only Lawyers/attorneys can understand. A higher percentage of doctors will make you agree to arbitration if you have any issues with them. And the doctors clearly state that they get to pick the arbitration person or company . So you get the point, they are in a win/win situation and they make the rules for you to follow. The worst of the worst doctors will even go as far as denying they ever done any botched surgery ever in their life. The ones that spent money in heavy advertisement is the ones that you should really worry about the most. Also the doctors with lack of skill, talent , and good grades from medical school will never let yo know they graduated from medical school last. They will not let you know they don't give a *** about you , but just your money. There are ones that have a need to create a fake image of themselves by paying for PRs to doing fake positive reviews using alias facebook, twitters, Myspace, and any other social media accounts to boost their rating and popularity. If they are so popular then why some of these doctors do Groupon deals at such a ridulous low price for comestic procedures. I can only quess it is either to use their patinets as guinea pig to practice on or to lure new customers to their office only to offer other more expensive services (procedures that they don't even know how to do and is still practicing). Some doctors claim they have training????? Who or where they got their training from? They won't say, but they will tell you they got training and some even post fancy looking certificates that is only a day to at most sevetal days of watch a video tape or attending a similar to do plastic surgery. Most patients don't even try to check out their certificates on the institutions that issued them out. Some doctors are trained by RNs on how to do skin resurfacing procedures. Some of these RNs are bimbos that gone to community colleges or vocational schools to get their diplomas . Some of these students are diploma mills.

Just to be safe, do not use any doctors that have any negative postings. If you can, get real recommendation from someone you know & not the fake testimonials (fictious patients of the doctor) on the internet. You don't know any of these people. Even if they are real people and gave their testimonals on youtube videos, there is no way that you can be sure that they didn't get any kick back money or anything from giving their testimonials.

Doctors are not god. They do error. There are some very bad doctors out there. They want to make money and they abandoned their medical field and jumped into the lucrative field of comestic/plastic surgery and get away with ruining your life. Your face and your body will never be the same. The law protects them unless you die on the operating table than maybe the law will help you a little. Even a patient died on their surgery table still have to proof that the doctor did no wrong. Some times they hire a very good lawyer that can twist the facts and made the patient a victim again in court. Do you want that kind of headache??????

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Realself should be closed for business. .

Location: Cupertino, California

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Right on!!!


Glad this post is here. So many fake reviews on real self.

Check the profiles of each reviewer in making your plastic surgery decision...

After real self deleted my account (I posted surgery I had at 17... 5 years ago ...

So I'm an adult now). I have no interest in contributing to their site.


My review removed 3 times each time I posted after getting deformed by a liar who misled and misinformed me, lied about everything. Realself is fake Shady business, heard so many people complaining about removal of reviews or comments.


I think it is pretty obvious that if a doctor was busy doing surgery he or she would not have the time to answer questions all day in Realself trying to drum up business.


"Some of the reviews are put there by the doctors themselves to promote their business".

Are you referring to Dr. Joseph?


I have made reviews about my surgery, and there wasn't anything fake about it. I found a Dr.

did my research and made an informed choice.

There isn't anything wrong with using any of those types of sites, but it shouldn't be a major factor.

Stupidly isn't free.


I had a dr in Gulf shores Mccoullough Institute do my surgery. I found all great reviews.

I went for a tweak and ended up a freak. Was put to sleep, and I have chronic bladder pain so I woke up during surgery and an intern was doing the surgery. So all the research in the world could be worthless. They didn't use a drain for the fluid and swelling and a year later I had swelling and *** in my head and the trauma caused a tumor bone growing on bone) on my forehead.

Bait and switch. They cut me everywhere to practice and I only paid for a mini and under eye procedure... My ears are disfigured.

I have major unevenness in my neck under my chin. I don't know what planet you live on but it's not on this planet.


Oh for Gods sake! You don't go to real self to find surgeons!

You go there to learn about the different procedures and see REAL before and after pics on reviews.

THEN you go within your local community and look for a surgeon. Anyone who uses real self to find a surgeon is just asking for trouble!

And since when is someone who goes to community college a bimbo??!


I understand what you are saying but honestly all this did was just scare me from getting my nose fixed ever. I would love to get a real recommendation from someone I know but that is not even a possibility. If you cannot believe reviews online and do not have a friend base that has people that have had rhinoplasty it sounds like your only option is just to hate your face until you die.


OP:Best review ever.

Readers: If you perform your due diligence, you'll find that the docs that troll the site often have the worst reputations and will push outdated and dangerous procedures at today's cost for updated, innovative and safer techniques.

It's 2015. If they refuse to keep up with technology, find the good docs that will.

As far as lasers go, there are many groups that are having there credentials investigated becasue of burn victims. Meanwhile, they're still doing it. There is a school that accepts almost anyone in the health field for tiny amount of time and money.

I personally had a doc who owned an updated, safer machine but admitted he didn't know how to use it but would after his weekend training with another doctor out-of-state. He told me to come back in a week so I could be his guinea pig for $5,000. REALLY?

Stick to W.O.M.

and community input. Many are advertising skilled services they cannot perform properly. If they don't have at least 100 photos of results that are their own work ( (not their partner's), CANNED, retouched, outdated or employee-only photos, stay away.

When you visit the office in IRL you might be very surprised at what's really happening there. Please be very careful.

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