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RealSelf is a paid advertising site and yes, negative reviews or comments against any surgeon who pays for advertising are removed and the user is blocked. Please do as I have and complain to the Washington Attorney General about the fraud being perpetuated by RealSelf.

(RealSelf is based in Seattle.

) RealSelf has admitted in the past they were unwittingly tied to the Lifestyle Lift fraud where the company was using the RealSelf platorm to post fake positive reviews about the procedure. If enough people file complaints with the attorney general Real Self will have to change what they are doing for profit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Realself Hospitals And Clinics Review Listing.

Reason of review: Internet fraud.

Monetary Loss: $6400.

Preferred solution: Changes to review process and advertising for doctors.

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I've also been silenced, again and again on RealSelf over my Biltmore review. It's unbelievable that this is happening in this day and age.

The entire process of reviewing needs a huge overhaul.

There is a huge lack of ethics in the site. Obviously the bottom line is money from doctors, not reviewers.


Update: Here is an example of a comment that RealSelf removed because they do not want the public to know they are actively deleting comments and reviews:

"Its quite comic how certain women feel such fierce devotion towards a man (Dr. David Harley) whom they have either never met or met only once.

LOL #piedpipersyndrome #harleyhoneyfanclub Alot of what I know now about facelifts, doctors, RS, Healthgrades, nerve damage, scarring, traveling for surgery, infection, swelling, and initial results vs final results I did not know before surgery. It goes without saying that the purpose of a review is to provide another potential patient with information about possible pitfalls BEFORE they experience the same. A revision is out of the question for the reasons I have already stated. Wanting to steer clear of any possible nerve damage is not a "minor excuse" for avoiding surgery.

I chose Doctor Harley because of the ABSENCE of negative reviews on Real Self. I did not realize until too late that the content on Real Self is "edited" - bad reviews and comments disappear; people are blocked when they speak the truth; and the good reviews are done right after surgery not later when the final results are evident. If you had read the blog in its entirely you would have seen that I have discussed all of my concerns with the doctor. That picture of my deflated face was sent to Doctor Harley at least a month before I ever posted it here.

When I emailed it to him, he did not even bother with a response. It wasn't until I slapped my negative surgery update on that he offered to discuss a revision. As far as the financial impact - spending ANY money on travel or facelift revision that does not produce results is definitely not cheaper than spending money on fillers which DO produce results. "

Real Self continues to remove all negative reviews against Dr.

David Harley, even though people are coming out of surgery with lip palsy and failed face and necklifts that don't even last 6 months. Real Self is afraid that people will know they are participating in fraud on behalf of their paid advertisers.

Complaint against Real Self for Fraud with the FTC is now pending.

Formal complaints will now also be filed against Dr. David Harley as well.


I've seen many negative reviews on Realself. I passed on lifestyle because the surgery itself was too minimal for my liking.

Even I could see they were scamming to get me to purchase more. Just because an operation has a venue to advertise doesn't mean the venue is at fault.

You need to make better choices in providers. I like the Realself site, its how I found my amazing doctor.


Anonymous, hundreds of other people chose the same provider I did. Many post glowing reviews and pat themselves on the back for choosing a good surgeon (as you are doing) until several months go by and they realize the surgery didn't work.

The running similarity in all cases is that everyone who chose the provider I did, did so because of the ABSENCE of any poor reviews or negative comments on Real Self - even though many patients were not having good results.

The disconnect seems to be Real Self information is edited, comments are removed which can be misleading. Instead of just providing information, the site is corralling you towards featured doctors paying for advertisement. Therefore, it can be hard for the average person to make informed decisions about choosing the right doctor for their surgery.

If you ended up with a favorable long term result from a doctor featured on Real Self then you are lucky!

However your experience does not bear more weight than the experiences of many others who have had the opposite experience using the site. Real Self is a great tool for researching procedures, prices, and blogging with other women - but it is not the idea site to use for actually choosing a surgeon.


Hi, I’m disappointed in my surgery by Dr. Harley too.

It’s almost a year and my face is deflated. I think he put fillers in me but says he didn’t.

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