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I had the Biltmore Lift 6 months ago with Dr. Harley after finding him on RealSelf.com and seeing all the positive reviews.

The surgery itself went fine, but as early as 2 weeks after surgery I began to notice my jowls were returning. At 5 months my face was more gaunt and jowls more noticeable then before the surgery. In addition, I had post surgical complications which have required medical attention. The facelift was not only a failure but also caused large bags under my eyes which now require another surgery to fix.

Dr. Harley has never taken responsibility for the poor work nor assisted me in any way with either the medical issues or the cosmetic issued resulting from the surgery. How much have I lost so far? $6400 for the surgery, $2500 in travel expenses, $2500 in follow up medical care, and corrections.

$5000 pending for the surgical revision I have scheduled. Because of my experience I tried to update my review of the surgery online. Because it was negative, I was immediately attacked by other reviewers who were clearly friends or employees of the doctor's. Some, I found out were receiving free services.

Real Self responded by blocking my access to the site. When I asked what I had done specifically to be blocked from sharing or discussing my experience they would not tell me. I created a new profile and again attempted to post my real experience with the doctor and once it again my review was removed and I was blocked without explanation. Dr.

Harley's business is almost entirely all patients who have found him on RealSelf. I found out that 80% of the positive reviews are posted 1 week to 1.5 months after surgery before the skin laxity returns and the patient sees it did not work. Because the site removes all of the negative reviews, the public only sees positive reviews so they book their surgery and the cycle continues. Dr.

Harley and RealSelf are engaged in predatory marketing and fraud. There is an unusually high percentage of Dr. Harley's patients who end up with lip palsy from the surgery, but you will not see that posted in reviews, only in discussing the surgery privately with unhappy patients. The site should be taken down.

Plastic surgery should not be sold on "reviews" like a blender you are buying on Amazon. This is surgery - its risky, its permanent and there should be marketing regulations in place to keep predators like RealSelf and Dr. Harley from at best taking advantage of people and at worst, harming them. Please complain to the Washington Attorney General (RealSelf is based in Seattle) and to the FTC.

There are several pages out there that discuss the fraud being perpetuated by RealSelf and its doctors. I've already filed my complaints and am now seeking out journalists who may be interested in investigating it further.

Reason of review: Fraud, predatory marketing.

Monetary Loss: $9000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Realself Cons: Fake positive reviews and deleted honest negative reviews, Predatory and fraudulent marketing.

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I think you missed the point entirely - try re reading the entire exchange your comment doesn’t make any sense.

The point in all of this is that free speech is allowed.


Until it is libelous.


Olivia- it is glaringly obvious that your goal is to ruin this good doctors reputation. Maybe you ought to take responsibility for your ruined face from ten years of fillers.

Or, heard a thought, true beauty comes from within. Perhaps you could be honest and really tell the public what you’re after.

(Monetary reimbursement) perhaps then you’ll like the way you look again. Ie- be able to look st yourself in the mirror again!


Anonymous how else will other women know that this doctors work is not great if no one is willing to share their negative experiences? Reviews have become a huge part of all purchase decision making, especially when dealing with online vendors.

Dr Harley is doing all of his adverting online.

I dare say if ONE bad review is enough to ruin the doctors reputation then he has bigger problems then I even imagined. As a final thought if people believe that beauty comes within, no one would be getting plastic surgery right ?


Anonymous AKA Happy with Dr Harley 2 AKA Earlybird -

If Dr Harley's 10+ year professional reputation can be ruined by one bad review, then his brand isn't as strong as you have indicated it is. Your "beauty comes from within" comment is silly and nonsensical - you are defending a doctor of plastic surgery not a buddhist monk. I am quite able to look at myself in the mirror, I just like the reflection I saw before the surgery better when it was just the fillers !


I am not sure what you are referring to with other AKA’s. Those are certainly not mine. Other than this, I have one post.


Interesting that the updates for both of you are coming in at exactly the same time - so I guess it’s just a huge coincidence you are “both” online at the same time LMFAO .


Hah! And you are not me!! She is delusional if she thinks only one other person can access this public and online site.


I'm sending this to Dr. Harley with the hope he will sue you.

You are a liar. You could have talked about real self but you chose the road of defamation. His reviews are from actual people and he has a great reputation.

He doesn't ask people to review or pay them to do so either. You have a very loose grip on reality.


The Consumer Protection Act give consumers the right to review products and services online without backlash or penalty from the provider or seller. There have been several other patients of Dr.

Harley's who have contacted to me let me know they also received either no results from surgery, or are dealing with severe post surgery complications.

Building a business from strictly online reviews as Dr. Harley has means he financially benefits from the reviews on the page; on the flip side he also has to accept the unfavorable reviews about his work as well. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Real Self is a platform for advertising for medical professionals.

It is a PAID service. Dr. Harley pays to have himself promoted there, just as he paid to be featured in the magazine New Beauty. Its exactly the same thing.

The reviews are what brings him business.

If most of his patients are happy as you say then he should have more than enough time and resources to help those of us who did not end up with good results. Fair is fair.


The only promotion he gets on realself is from his patients. Also, I think you are exaggerating the number of women who have contacted you.

I don’t believe you. You lie.


How in the *** can you make such a comment? You have no idea who this woman is or what she went through.

And I surely doubt she would write such a review if she was happy with her results! Shame on you!


Its posted for all to read so how is it you think I don't know what's going on? She made many screen names on realself, probably just to agree with herself and now she thinks everyone who posts to her is the same person because she did the same.

She is paranoid and a liar.

So sorry, but I feel not a single drop of shame. She is completely unjust.


Earlybird I have one user name on RS, and one user name here on this site. What other aliases are you referring to?

In contrast you have used multiple names on RS, several people have messaged me to let me know you are posting under different names. The gig is up for you.

For anyone that has followed me here from RS to personally attack me, here are links to North Carolina (where Dr. Harley is located) state cyberstalking laws:


Specifically ..."(2) Electronically mail or electronically communicate to another repeatedly, whether or not conversation ensues, for the purpose of abusing, annoying, threatening, terrifying, harassing, or embarrassing any person."

There are similar Federal laws which extend to other states as well. In a nutshell, it is not unlawful to write a review about a purchase, it is unlawful for people to engage in harassment via cyberstalking.

The person that has followed me here is making personal attacks in this public forum because it is unmonitored unlike Real Self where their comments would be removed.

Dr. Harley has been notified that someone is acting in a way that may be unlawful, under the guise of protecting his professional reputation.

Anyone is welcome to debate my review and say that they are happy with their surgery results, or ask questions, or anything else that pertains to the review - NOT the reviewer. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the laws before you post or follow me on other review sites.


Earlybird, et al what you are engaged in is cyberstalking. Please familiarize yourself with the laws as they pertain specifically to what you are doing.

Jordan, this individual's personal assaults on RealSelf have be deleted by the community but here comments are not monitored. Unfortunately some are unable to debate a subject and instead resort to character assaults.

I have one user name here, and one on RS. My blog on RS is highly read and responded to - so I'm not sure what "other" user names this person is referring to.


Don't quote law to me when you know nothing about it. Just because you believe you are celestial and should have no complications doesn't mean someone did you wrong.

I'm sure the doctor can do nothing about his patients coming to his defense. Get over yourself and stop trying to convince people that he is a ***, there are THOUSANDS of patients who know otherwise.


"In contrast you have used multiple names on RS, several people have messaged me to let me know you are posting under different names. The gig is up for you."

I peed a little when I read that.

I'm the only possible person in the world who could be defending him after all. You lie pretty easily.


Earlybird, I'm assuming that you are the same troll that follows this reviewer on RealSelf. There are many women who are unhappy with their Biltmore lifts and yet all our reviews and comments get blocked.

Only by filing a complaint to the attorney general was this review allowed to keep her review up for as long as it has been. On the other hand, the rest of the unhappy women are silenced by RealSelf and trolls like you.


Early bird- I agree with you.


unfortunately dr harley can not sue speakupnow bc she has the right to voice her opinion if she had something done. i voiced my opinion and was challenged in a court of law but i won because i had something done and it is my right to say i was botched.

if i never went to a doctor then it would be a different story or if i called the doctor a slanderous name then its another story. please google info before running your comments.

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