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I had the Biltmore Lift 6 months ago with Dr. Harley after finding him on RealSelf.com and seeing all the positive reviews.

The surgery itself went fine, but as early as 2 weeks after surgery I began to notice my jowls were returning. At 5 months my face was more gaunt and jowls more noticeable then before the surgery. In addition, I had post surgical complications which have required medical attention. The facelift was not only a failure but also caused large bags under my eyes which now require another surgery to fix.

Dr. Harley has never taken responsibility for the poor work nor assisted me in any way with either the medical issues or the cosmetic issued resulting from the surgery. How much have I lost so far? $6400 for the surgery, $2500 in travel expenses, $2500 in follow up medical care, and corrections.

$5000 pending for the surgical revision I have scheduled. Because of my experience I tried to update my review of the surgery online. Because it was negative, I was immediately attacked by other reviewers who were clearly friends or employees of the doctor's. Some, I found out were receiving free services.

Real Self responded by blocking my access to the site. When I asked what I had done specifically to be blocked from sharing or discussing my experience they would not tell me. I created a new profile and again attempted to post my real experience with the doctor and once it again my review was removed and I was blocked without explanation. Dr.

Harley's business is almost entirely all patients who have found him on RealSelf. I found out that 80% of the positive reviews are posted 1 week to 1.5 months after surgery before the skin laxity returns and the patient sees it did not work. Because the site removes all of the negative reviews, the public only sees positive reviews so they book their surgery and the cycle continues. Dr.

Harley and RealSelf are engaged in predatory marketing and fraud. There is an unusually high percentage of Dr. Harley's patients who end up with lip palsy from the surgery, but you will not see that posted in reviews, only in discussing the surgery privately with unhappy patients. The site should be taken down.

Plastic surgery should not be sold on "reviews" like a blender you are buying on Amazon. This is surgery - its risky, its permanent and there should be marketing regulations in place to keep predators like RealSelf and Dr. Harley from at best taking advantage of people and at worst, harming them. Please complain to the Washington Attorney General (RealSelf is based in Seattle) and to the FTC.

There are several pages out there that discuss the fraud being perpetuated by RealSelf and its doctors. I've already filed my complaints and am now seeking out journalists who may be interested in investigating it further.

Reason of review: Fraud, predatory marketing.

Monetary Loss: $9000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Realself Cons: Fake positive reviews and deleted honest negative reviews, Predatory and fraudulent marketing.

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No earlybird/ anonymous just posts under different names - notice that 8 hours ago there is a post here from Early Bird and 8 hours ago there is also a post from Anonymous. If this person is trying to make it appear that they are two people posting, it would be wiser to post replies under each name at DIFFERENT times LMFAO


Has it ever occurred to you that there could be more than one, or even two people responding to you? Is your world really that small?


People usually accuse what they do. This person is as distasteful as she was on Realself and continues to be.

The only people that support her are people with other doctors who are very jealous of Dr. Harley's following and people who are not happy that they are 50 and don't look 25 (like Olivia). She is on here saying people got thrown off or banned when they willingly left because of being bullied about being honest of the uncertainties, advocating for themselves and the healing period and calling people supposed cows when the truth was her and MarySang were bullying anyone about to have surgery with Dr. Harley along with Grace60.

The school yard bullies are Olivia's posse and one day this narcissist will get the due karma. Might already be reaping such for years of over injecting and vanity that is cruel and haggard to other's with huge expectations of respect back to her. Narcissist bully and nothing more trying to attach a doctor for her bad skin elasticity. Surgery does not fix genetics and time to move on with your life.

I came to see this because she was bragging on Realself about this nonsense post. *shaking my head*


Surgeons make mistakes and people end up with complications. This is why they carry malpractice and umbrella insurance.

I am not the first nor the last person to walk away from a cosmetic procedure with sagging skin and/or nerve damage. I am certainly not "celestial" but neither is Dr. Harley. He makes mistakes - and there are a handful of people who have had surgery with him in the past 6-7 months who have had issues with their surgeries.

That is a fact.

Maybe you have lost sight of what the original post here was about? All doctors make mistakes with some patients, but it is when those mistakes and misfires are covered up on review sites such as Real Self that a credibility issue arises.

As I have said before this has nothing to do with you personally. Unless you are employed by the doctor to write good reviews and harass the patients who review him poorly you have no reason to be concerned with my review.

It might be best if you check with the doctor to make sure he wants or needs you to come to his defense. An uneducated person speaking on his behalf may be doing him more harm than good.


I have a perfectly adequate education that allows me to see reality for what it is, where you live life trying to make everything go your way....good luck with that because its not going to happen with that doctor :D


Earlybird, it appears you have lost touch with the purpose of this post or really the purpose of this website entirely. Please refer yourself to the main page to see what people complain about here - it is a consumer advocacy website.

The reviews give consumers an opportunity to learn more about various industries, companies and brands.

Their slogan is "Experience That Drives Decisions". Real Self on the other hand is a site that is engaged in deceptive information management attempting to drive decisions to be made to hire one of their paying advertisers whether or not that person is qualified and/or capable of providing the service they are advertising.

My review here and on RS has never been about changing my own experience with the doctor.

My money has been wasted, and I'll bear the scars and continue to seek medical help for what happened with my face - but that doesn't mean I don't want to keep someone else from having to go through what I'm going thru. My poor experience can help drive someone else's decision away from choosing that doctor, or any doctor through Real Self and instead seek out a qualified professional where they live based on in person interviews, and word of mouth referrals from people they know, not from anonymous fake reviews on the website.


Uneducated? Wow.

You know what?

I’m glad you are botched. Nah d now your outsides match your insides!


Speakup2018 - love the new handle ! They say immitation is the sincerest form of flattery :-)


Ha ha ha! I’m not the only one here replying to you!!

I think it’s funny! I’m sorry for you, I’m truly sorry that you’re on vacay and spending your time obsessing over your face and online reviews! That is sad. I truly would not wish this outcome on anyone!

It is my sincere hope that you find some kind of peace. That you find acceptance in your appearance. Everyone deserves and needs self love and Healthy self esteem.

Good luck to you! And happy holidays.


I bet you are male.


That makes absolutely no sense . You have seen my online review - and really why would anyone go thru this kind of trouble to review a survey they never had ?

I haven’t seen even one review for Dr Harley from a man. Sorry but your name calling and mudslinging don’t work on me.

There is literally nothing you can say that will work on me. I can’t be bullied


There is only one person who has aggressively been attacking and one person who followed me from RS to this site. I know who you are - so no matter how many alias you are hiding behind both there and here your campaign remains the same.

This is the Christmas holiday for everyone not just me so if you feel pity for me blogging over a holiday look in the mirror you are doing the same :-) If you don’t like what I have to say, then stop following my blog. You do have a choice .


i really think your rude and insensitive, i pray nothing like this will happen to you. i bet you get off seeking out people you dont know or have compassion for by making these types of comments. happy holidays to you


Oh and I am NOT the poster called Happy w Dr Harley2


As I said olivia- perhaps the beauty you’re after is a beauty you’ll never attain. True beauty comes from an inner place, inner strength of character.

You just don’t possess these characteristics and instead you have a disturbing even ugly disposition!! All the money, Surgery and fillers in the world cannot help you. Maybe you should find a worthy cause and donate all that money toward a noble cause.

That might help you more than any filler!

Oh and BTW- your review on RealSelf only highlights and advertises the good and talented DR.HARLEY


Generally when someone looks at someone else and sees them as “ugly” it is because they are ugly themselves. Your petty criticisms and character bashing me over a review that has nothing to do with you illustrates a true lack of any inner beauty on your part.

You have a vested interest in promoting Dr Harley - ulterior motives are neither strong nor beautiful. If in fact my review was highlighting any good for Dr Harley you wouldn’t even be here right now disputing with me .

Perhaps you work for the Doctor ? This smacks of fear plain and simple.


He is booked into July now I found out. I doubt she can hurt him with her bogus claims. But she can sure hurt herself so I hope she just gasses up so I can see the explosion from here :)


I remember seeing your review with a before and after photo. The after photo had looked like very nice result.

You had taken it off and you kept changing your story.

The more you made comments the worse you said your condition was. You had said things happened that didn’t make sense. You wouldn’t show anyone new pictures.

Then you finally showed new pictures. They didn’t look real. They looked like something like photoshop had been done. I wondered about your mental health and thought she is unstable and very unfair.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of Dr. Harley’s patients that are happy. A few may not be. That is normal.

I feel sorry for any other doctor that has to deal with you. Maybe a psychiatrist doctor might be a good choice.


Happy with Dr Harley - how many fake names are you going to use ? LOL All patients post lovely photos right after surgery but when the swelling dissipates it becomes apparent there is no change to the face after surgery, Everyone has the right to share their experience .

Are you harassing the women who post good reviews As well? Certainly not. Interestingly enough the more you continue to debate my review the longer my RS blog becomes ! I have emailed Dr Harley with screen shots of your comments here and in Real Self to let him know you are largely responsible for the continued debate about his work.

If you had simply allowed me to share my experience as others have done my blog would have gotten little attention . Instead it’s one of the largest and most well known on Real Self.

So do yourself and Dr Harley a favor - shut up! Then perhaps people will move on to reading other peoples reviews.


Um. I’m sorry, but that info is absolutely incorrect.

There is no law binding Dr. Harley to any review and/or comment.

Whether it be made on Yelp, RealSelf, healthgrades or any other if the numerous platforms for online reviews. Better check with your lawyer dear.

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