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I wrote a review on a product that I had a bad experiences with and my review sparked a lot of conversation and was quite popular. There were also people harassing and bullying me due to my experience which they, in their denial, did not want to agree with.

Every time I would report someone who was harassing me those people would never be blocked, every so often their comments might have been removed if I was lucky. Keep in mind RealSelf do not condone you defending yourself in any way, shape or form, even if you are extremely kind to your abuser they will see it as abusive. So some of my own comments were being removed all of a sudden. Then one day I woke up to my account being blocked.

Not only was my account blocked but the account of somebody else who I was in regular contact with via the private inbox feature. This person only used the inbox feature and didn’t not post publicly. Shortly before we had been blocked, we were having a private inbox discussion in regards to someone who was going out of their way to harass and discredit me, and how much of a nutter this person was because of how often they were posting things to discredit me. Again, this was a PRIVATE conversation and none of this was said in the public forum.

This is the only reason this other person could have been blocked. This is a MASSIVE breach of privacy and absolutely illegal practice. I also agree with others here about RealSelfs standards of what is right and wrong, it’s very odd and dodgy. They also kept my personal review up on their website and gave me no way to access it!

That is MY story and they have absolutely no right to use my material on their website!

I’m absolutely disgusted with it and quite frankly think people need to steer clear of it. They will breach your privacy and then block you for breaching their terms and conditions even when you’ve done nothing wrong!

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