I don't really have a problem with the sight other than, When you make a post, you are stuck with it forever, too bad if you type something you don't mean or if you made a mistake. Also I tried to get my profile removed twice, and they okay'ed me, and never removed it!

SO I guess I'm stuck on it! Also I could not change my doctor of choice. The sight needs some serious updating, to be more customer friendly, in those terms. People should have a right to change their doctor, delete their own posts, and remove their profile , if they want.

Jeez. So if your on Realself, make sure to pick a doctor you know your going to see 100% , dont write anything you will regret later, and dont expect to ever remove your profile. buahhahahahahaha.

kind of scary. But the cool thing is if you get sick of having your pictures on their, you can delete pictures, if you want and you can unfollow people if you are tired of following them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Realself Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Acworth, Georgia

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This website is trash. I hope they get *** raped in *** with a broken bottle. STAY AWAY!!!!!


Thank you your review. You are helping a lot of people.

For me it is to late. I wish I would of researched RealSelf before I selected a doctor on this web site.



No way no how. Email, call, whatever. I know of someone who is paying thousands of dollars to SUE this site to get them to remove a picture that is being used to demolish her life.

Don't do this site. And your plastic surgeon will suggest you use it because it promotes THEM and THEIR PROCEDURES!!!


I hate RealSelf. The community monitors delete posts they deem against their standards while other posts that are abrasive and accosting are left in place. Hypocrites as far as I'm concerned.


Would it have helped if you had an experienced cometic surgical assist and back manager for 2 of the busiest practice for 29 years helping?


My issue exactly. You don't have any control over what you post once you hit send.

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