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I did contact RealSelf about where my reviews of Sidney Coleman are. They are hidden or removed as are the countless of other reviews that stated that this surgeon mutilated them or changed their appearance in an astonishingly way for the worse.

There has been no response from RealSelf. I just didn't realize that RealSelf makes its money by removing bad reviews or hiding them(?) and by advertising those doctors and others on their site. It is a money making business thatONLY SEEMS to have the client's interest at heart. I hate to think how many people have read good reviews of Dr.

Sidney Coleman's work and went ahead with a doctor who is more of an unethical scientist with no aesthetic abilities than a plastic surgeon.

I am shocked that RealSelf has a double standard and that they failed to get back to me when I wrote to them. It is beyond reprehensible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Realself Review Listing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Realself Cons: Hiding or eliminating doctors negative reviews, Scams patients into lying for him, Refuses to acknowledge mistakes, Liar cheat fraud bad surgeon.

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Have you tried reposting it?


the same thing here in PA where i had a horrible botched outcome from francis johns artisan plastic surgery and i when i made my review even tho it was the most recent it was 25th and there was only 29 reviews. then my review was removed.

the doctors pay to have them removed. they call themselves an unbiased company. they rated francis johns as a top without even interviewing him from seattle, i made my decision on realselfs referral promoting him as a top and he butchered me, he didnt know what the f he was doing. if you google , vitals, healthgrade , ratemds, makemeheal johns is 50% in the dissatifaction instead of the satisfied range.

whats that tell you.

??? they REAL FAKE

@Emiko Lwg

Amen glad you said it they should be Realfake.com I am lucky I didn’t die

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