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As a physician and contributor to RealSelf.com I must admit to my ongoing frustration with the majority of comments made by many doctors. On several occasions I was ready to disassociate myself with that section of RealSelf.com even though I consider the website of great help to patients seeking information

What frustrates me ? The self-serving comments, self-promotion and lack of empathy . Looking through a prism of an average patient the comments made by many doctors are, at the very least, profoundly confusing.

Dermatologists always suggest consultation with Dermatologist while Plastic Surgeons suggest Plastic Surgery only. Moreover, the suggestion frequently glorify the most expensive and, more often than not, unnecessary procedures, excessive amounts of products and poorly effective services. Many side effects described by patients are trivialized if caused by a "core specialist" yet thoroughly criticized when caused by, for example, a RN injector. The entire process comes across as a salesmanship and business transaction rather than truly compassionate medical advice.

I understand it is very difficult for the RealSelf Team to ensure unbiased comments by the participating doctors but it would only be fair to the patients to have omnipresent disclaimer that any medical advice does not necessarily reflect the best practice and represents a personal opinion of the practitioner that may, or may not, be fully beneficial to the individual patient.

Otherwise, the RealSelf.com is the best forum for those who seek aesthetic and cosmetic information!

Reason of review: Ability to be patient's advocate.

Realself Pros: Information for patients.

Realself Cons: Doctors comments.

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