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Realself conceal reviews. a dr botched me really bad and i wrote a review.

i noticed that she still had 5 star ratings and mine was not among the reviews... nowhere to be seen. I wrote to them. in order to see the review i had to sort them differently ( from lowest) .

who does that? ppl assume all the reviews will be visible. Realself deceives its users. do not trust it!

Also many dr’s get multiple 5 star reviews from the same users. Realself makes money from Dr.’s. it is not on your side. i think the worst providers are on realself.

i never found a good dr. on realself. They just do not need to advertise on that bogus website. 50% of the good reviews are fake.

All the good Dr’s I found were no active on Realself. Find another way to get a provider bc Realself is not the answer!

Product or Service Mentioned: Realself Review Listing.

Reason of review: deception, deception, deception.

Preferred solution: stop deceiving customers by hiding the bad reviews, and drs qualifications. why do you allow non board certified dr’s on your site and label them as core oreven top? stop lying.

Realself Pros: Were overviewsof treatment.

Realself Cons: Deceitful ratings.

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Yep. Agreed. I left an honest review and not only did the review not show up, not affect the rating, but I got locked out of using real self.com!

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