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I don't understand. I know a woman who left a negative review about terrible complications she had after a liplift with Randal Haworth, MD. She posted her before and after photos and they were awful. Within 2 days the review was removed. Why would realself do this? Read more

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I don't really have a problem with the sight other than, When you make a post, you are stuck with it forever, too bad if you type something you don't mean or if you made a mistake. Also I tried to get my profile removed twice, and they okay'ed me, and never removed it! SO I guess I'm stuck on it! Also I could not change my doctor of choice. The sight needs some serious updating, to be more customer friendly, in those terms. People should have a... Read more

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I was his biggest fan, so I was as surprised as anyone. He is a fraud. He pretends to be concerned & compassionate, but gossips about his patients behind their backs & is not the surgeon he claims to be. He wears a mask for is U.S patients, he knows what we want & he gives it to us, until he makes a mistake or you dare to question him, then the real Alberto Argüello comes out. He's a spoiled, privileged brat who will NOT admit to a mistake... Read more

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Real self is a good site to warn peopel about Bad plastic surgeons! And they show photos of the bad cosmetic work carried out by NHS and private surgeons in the Uk. It warns others about them. Read more

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They won't let you edit your profile and you can't delete your picture I really hate this website this is not fair people come to this website not to have any stress I want my profile deleted from the site I might have to take legal actions to get my pictures removed from the site Read more

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I tried to post a negative report to warn people against a doctor & it was removed & I was told it violated the guidelines, so I went under another name & asked a person who posted a bad review to post before & after pics to back up her story within the week I was blocked again saying I made unsupported comments and called one review FAKE which many one post one review with praise that no real person would right (too over the top) I remember... Read more

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I replied to a review of a procedure about a month ago on real self and noticed that both my review and the original review could not be found the next day. Both were slightly negative but not terrible. As the original review stated the procedure was painful and there were only positive reviews to be found. Do not trust this site. I will be spreading the word to everyone I know. In fact I think that network news should do a story on this site.... Read more

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  • Dec 06, 2015
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I just asked real self to close my account and no one has replied to me yet.

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To Kristy at Real Self , I'm not sure to what you are stating. As to a second account on Real Self. I just opened an account with Real Self not too long ago. How could one accused one of opening an account? Is it because I have wish picture and explaining the world about my journey. I will reach out to social media in regards to Real Self Accusation. Many on here will know how Real Self really operates. And , there was nothing on my account... Read more

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This is very true of all the negative stuff written about It is a place for doctors to market themselves. I been investigating since I read what other people are saying that they delete reviews. They may let some stay, but it will eventually be deleted, so there will not be too many negative reviews to scare of potiental customers for their doctors on that site. I believe some of the reviews are put there by the... Read more

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